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NAPT Fee Structure

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Service NAPT Member Price Regular Price
NAPT Sponsored ILC/PT * $556 $695
Additional Submittal $100 $125
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NAPT Assisted Intra $716 $895
Accreditation Manager $1,036 $1,295
Annual Membership ** $200 N/A

* Purchase multiple ILC-PTs at once to receive larger discounts.  Our members who purchase 3 to 5 ILC-PTs in a single order receive a 25% discount.  Members who purchase 6 to 10 ILC-PTs in a single order receive a 30% discount.  Need to order more than 10.  Contact to setup a custom plan.

** Membership is purchased per location.  For example, if your lab has 4 locations, in order to receive the discount you would purchase the membership for each of the four locations.

For a list of all NAPT Payment Policies and Fee Structure.

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KITS, Electrical-RF/Microwave ATNR dB Loss-210

Attenuators Set of 5 Power Meter

The intent of this ILC/PT is to provide a means for the participant to determine the appropriateness and effectiveness of participant practices, training, and measurement uncertainty relating to the calibration of RF Attenuators between 1 and 26.5 GHz.

This ILC/PT contains a set of 5 attenuators; each is a 20 dB, 3.5 mm device.

Participants will utilize their practices to perform 60 separate attenuation measurements, as they connect each device, perform dB Loss measurement at a predetermined four frequencies, remove the device, rotate the device per instructions, reconnect, perform measurements at the same four frequencies, remove and rotate the device again and reconnect to perform a third set of measurements. The average of the three measurements at each frequency is reported, and the entire process is repeated with the remaining 4 attenuators.

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KITS, Electrical-RF/Microwave ELECTRICAL-HP5361B

Frequency Counter (High Stability)

The intent of this ILC/PT is to provide participant laboratories a means to demonstrate technical competence in the measurement and/or calibration of time base frequency. The reported value and associated uncertainty of participant measurement process will be evaluated.

Laboratories involved in time/frequency measurements in the 10E-10 range will benefit from this test. Most electrical calibration laboratories have equipment necessary to verify time base stability.

Artifact in kit: Hewlett Packard - 5361B Frequency Counter

HP 5361B

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Proficiency Testing is Crucial

Proficiency testing plays a vital role in a lab’s quality assurance efforts and is required by major accrediting bodies. Routine testing can also benefit your lab in multiple other ways.

  • Maintain Accreditation
  • Ensure Technical Competence
  • Uphold Quality Standards
  • Monitor Lab Performance
  • Improve Processes
  • Maintain Accreditation
  • Ensure Technical Competence
  • Uphold Quality Standards
  • Monitor Lab Performance
  • Improve Processes