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NAPT Fee Structure and Policies

NAPT is dedicated to ensuring the equitable distribution of ILC-PTs to all our customers. However, there are occasions when additional fees may be necessary for scheduling and processing results. Below is a summary of our standard policies and the associated fees.

Please note.  NAPT, as a non-profit, does not issue refunds once payment has been received.  You may receive a credit towards a future service that will expire one year after the issue of the credit.

Late Fee: $395.00

NAPT anticipates that participants will receive and complete their scheduled ILC-PT within 7 business days of kit arrival. If a scheduled ILC-PT is not completed on time, a late fee of $395 will be charged for every additional 7-day period overdue.

Reschedule Fee: $250.00

Should you need to reschedule an ILC-PT that is already en route or has arrived at your location, a fee of $250 will be incurred due to the alteration in the schedule.

Priority Scheduling: $60.00

While all NAPT ILC-PTs are typically fully booked, there may be opportunities to adjust the schedule to meet specific timelines, subject to a $60 fee. This charge accounts for the additional shipping costs required to deliver the artifact on time. The most common scenario is advancing a scheduled artifact from several months ahead to approximately 3 weeks. This adjustment is only possible if there is an opening in the schedule.

Expedited Scheduling: $150.00

For those requiring an ILC-PT within the next 7 to 10 business days, an expedited shipping option is available for $150. This fee covers outbound shipping and administrative expenses. The availability of this service depends on the specific ILC-PT requested and its current scheduling.

International Shipping: $200.00

Participants ordering an ILC-PT from outside the continental United States will incur a $200 International Shipping fee. This fee helps cover tariffs and taxes. Should these costs exceed $200, a supplementary invoice for the difference will be issued.

Payment Policy:

Payment Before Shipping and Results: Customers are required to make full payment for both product orders and services before the products are shipped or results are delivered. This dual requirement ensures a smooth and efficient processing of orders and maintains the integrity of our services.

Payment During Participation with Management Approval: In certain cases, where ongoing participation or services are involved, clients may have the option to make payments during the course of the service. However, such arrangements require prior approval from the management to ensure that it aligns with the overall payment structure.

Lack of Payment Can Delay Scheduling: Timely payment is crucial for the scheduling and provision of services. Failure to make payments on time may result in delays in scheduling and delivery. It is the responsibility of the client to adhere to the agreed-upon payment timelines to avoid any disruptions in service provision.

Applicability to All Services Provided: This payment policy applies to all services offered by our organization. Whether it's product sales, consulting services, or any other service provided, the outlined payment terms remain consistent across the board.

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