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3M Corporate Metrology Laboratory

A & C Metrology Services, S. de R.L. de C.V.

A.V.C. Laboratory, Inc.

A-1 Calibration Services LLC

Aabbott-Michelli Technologies, Inc.

Aalberts IPSA

Absolute Calibration & Consulting Services, LLC

Accu-Calibration Services, Inc.

Accura Calibration

Accurate Instrument Repair, Inc.

Accurate Solutions - Atlanta

ACR Technical Services, Inc.

AD-TEK, Inc.

Alliance Calibration - A Transcat Company

Alpha Controls and Instrumentation, Inc.

American Calibration, Inc.

American Gage

A.R. Services

Atlantic Scale Company, Inc.

ATS – CAT-Tech Center

AvoFix NDT Limited


Bowser-Morner, Inc.

C.S.C. Force Measurement, Inc.

CalCoast Metrology

Cal-Tek Co., Inc.

CAMCAR Innovations

Cleveland Specialty Inspection Services

Continental Resources



DMTE Calibration LLC

Duncan Aviation

Durham Pattern & Model Ltd.

Dwight Calibration & Instrument

Energy Northwest Standards Laboratory

Envirocal, Inc.

Erie Inspection Services, Inc.

Essco Calibration Lab

Etalonet, S.A. de C.V.

European Craftsman Metrology Lab, Inc.

Florida Calibration Lab

Ford Motor Co.

Fowler High Precision - Canton

Fowler High Precision - Valencia

Fox Valley Metrology - Crestline

Fox Valley Metrology - Fenton

Fox Valley Metrology - Monroe

Fox Valley Metrology - Oshkosh

Fox Valley Metrology - Rockford

Fox Valley Metrology - Stacy

Fox Valley Metrology - Tahlequah

GEC/ATS Phoenix

Geometric Design & Technology, Inc.


Grand Rapids Metrology

Great Lakes Calibration, Inc.

Greenslade & Company, Inc.

Greenville Scale Company

G.T. Michelli Co. - Baton Rouge

G.T. Michelli Co. - Bossier City

G.T. Michelli Co. - Harahan

G.T. Michelli Co. - Jackson

G.T. Michelli Co. - Semmes

Hayes Instrument Service

Hemco Gage

HJM Precision, Inc.

Holtgreven Scale & Electronics Corporation

Howmet Aerospace

HP Inc. - Corvallis

ICC Instrument Co., Inc.

ICL Calibration Laboratories, Inc.

IFM Prover

Indiana Standards Laboratory, Inc.

Industrial Calibration & Service Company, Inc.

Industrial Instrumentation Services

Industrial Technology Centre

Industrial Process Measurement, Inc.

Industrial Technical Services

Industronics Service Company


Instrument Technologies, Inc.

Instrumentation Services, Inc.

International Vacuum Group Inc.

J&J Calibration Service Inc.

J&W Instruments, Inc.

J.H. Metrology Co, Inc.

JEM Precision Ltd.

JLW Instruments, Inc.

Johnson Scale Co., Inc.

Joint Concept Maintenance and Testing, LLC

Kimball Electronic Laboratory, Inc. - Grand Prairie

Kimball Electronic Laboratory, Inc. - Winter Park

Kimball Electronic Laboratory, Inc. - Hialeah

La Cie J. Chevrier Instruments Inc.

Laboratory Testing, Inc.

Lake Shore Industrial Services

Lancer Corporation

Lew Rauch D.Sc., Inc.

Lubrizol Corporation

MadgeTech, Inc.

Martin Calibration - Burnsville

Martin Calibration - Eau Claire

Martin Calibration - Mundelein

Master Gage & Tool Co. - Greenville

Master Gage & Tool Co. - Danville

Masy Systems, Inc.

Maury Microwave

MD Instruments

Measurements International

Mensor Corporation

MetroCal, Inc.

Metrology Services, Inc.

Meyer Gage Company, Inc.

Michelli Measurement Group, Inc. - Beaverton

Michelli Measurement Group, LLC - Goleta

Michelli Measurement Group, Inc. - Santa Fe Springs

Michelli Measurement Group, Inc. - Stockton

Midwest Metrology

Miller-Weber of Texas

Mobile Instrument

Morehouse Instrument

MSI Viking - Canton

MSI Viking - Charleston

MSI Viking - Durham

MSI Viking - Fairfield

MSI Viking Gage LLC - Duncan

National Center for Animal Health Calibration Laboratory

National Instruments

National Microbiology Laboratory

National Standards of Puerto Rico

Nationwide Gage Calibration, Inc.

NCAH Cal Lab

Northrop Grumman Corp. - Bethpage

Northrop Grumman - Linthicum

Northrop Grumman - Woodland Hills

NSF International

OCS Technologies, Inc.

Pace Analytical Services - Scientific Professional Services Division

Parametric, Inc.

PCI LLC, A Transcat Company

Precision Technical Services

Primary Instruments, Inc.

Process Instruments, LLC

Productivity Quality Inc.

PTC Metrology

QRS Calibrations LLC dba QRS-Solutions

Quality Control Services, Inc.

Quality Inspection Technologies

Quest Engineering Solutions

RMS Quality Services Inc.

Rohde & Schwarz USA, Inc.

Rothe Development, Inc.

Shepherd Instruments & Controls Ltd.

SmartScan Monitoring

Southwest Calibration Service, Inc.

Southwest Research Institute

SRP Control Systems Ltd.

Standard Calibration East, Inc.

Sturtevant Richmont

Tangent Labs, LLC, A Transcat Company

Technical Safety Services - Berkeley

Technical Safety Services - San Diego

TesCom - Austin

TesCom - San Antonio

The Aerospace Corporation

The Boeing Company - Clearfield

The Boeing Company - Huntington Beach

The Boeing Company - Huntsville

The Boeing Company - Mesa

The Boeing Company - Michoud

The Boeing Company - Seattle

The Boeing Company - St. Louis

The Calibration Solution

The QC Group - Albuquerque

The QC Group - Irving

The QC Group - Minnetonka

Torque Tools, Inc

Tra-Cal Labs

Transcat - Boston

Transcat - Charlotte

Transcat - Chesapeake

Transcat - Cleveland

Transcat - Dayton

Transcat - Decatur

Transcat - Denver

Transcat - Ft. Wayne

Transcat - Houston

Transcat - Ireland

Transcat - Los Angeles

Transcat - Montreal

Transcat - Ottawa

Transcat - Palm Beach Gardens

Transcat - Parker Irvine

Transcat - Paxinos

Transcat - Philadelphia

Transcat - Phoenix

Transcat - Pittsburgh

Transcat - Portland

Transcat - Rochester

Transcat - San Diego

Transcat - San Juan

Transcat - St. Louis

Transcat - Terumo

Transcat - Toronto

Transcat - Westbrook

Trescal Canada - Quebec

Trescal Canada Inc.

Tri State Scale Systems, Inc. and Calibration Services, Inc.

Trident Calibration Labs - Phoenix

Trident Systems & Engineering

Unity Lab Services

Unity Lab Services - ON

University of Dayton SCC Group

usCalibration, Inc.

VWR Advanced Instruments LLC

Weiss Industrial

Wescan Calibration Services - Calgary

Wescan Calibration Services - Richmond

Yokogawa Corporation of America