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Sneak Peak – NAPT INTRA Manager

Coming Soon - Customers cannot wait to be the first to try out the NAPT INTRA Manager, a new offering from NAPT that allows customers to manage their own intralaboratory comparisons.

With INTRA Manager, no software training is necessary to create custom proficiency tests. Just follow the step-by-step instructions, and enter your artifact (test item), create the scheme, add the participants, and you are ready to begin. INTRA Manager uses the same robust analysis as NAPT sponsored proficiency tests, so you can be assured of quality results.  

The goal of NAPT is to provide a tool where participants would have the ability to control all their PT enrollments. Because the INTRA Manager will be an add-on to the Customer Portal, participants will have the capability to conduct their own intralaboratory comparisons, view past, current, or future projects, and access reports at the click of a button. NAPT is excited to be able to offer this full-service portal to their customers.

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