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Six Reasons to Become a Member of NAPT

There are numerous benefits that come with participating in Proficiency Testing (PT). Participation in a proficiency testing program is more than just a means to satisfy accreditation requirements; it can translate into improved performance and enhanced measurement quality. We understand that to meet those requirements, organizations may need to participate in multiple PTs annually. That’s why we offer a NAPT Membership, and now, being a member has even more benefits.

Discounts on Every Purchase: Whether you purchase all your PTs at the same time, or one at a time throughout the year, members receive an automatic 20 % discount on every purchase, including when adding extra technicians to a PT. The discount also applies to Intralaboratory comparison purchases (Intras), and the purchase of Accreditation Manager.

Exclusive Members Only Reports: In addition to the standard Preliminary and Final reports that are provided to all PT participants, NAPT has designed three unique reports to support an even further in-depth analysis of PT results for its members.  These reports provide comparisons to other labs, between locations, and a historical comparison against past participations.

Access to Technical Advisors: As a NAPT Member, you have access to technical advice and assistance during your participation in an NAPT ILC/PT. NAPT’s expert help in all parameters assures you a quick response to all your technical questions.

Priority Scheduling: Members requesting a PT get priority over non-members with regard to scheduling. When time equals money, priority scheduling can make the difference between meeting internal deadlines and missing them.

Multi-Location Accounts: For organizations with multiple locations, NAPT membership value is multiplied even more, as one membership applies across multiple sites. The NAPT Customer Portal also allows management and viewing of PTs across multiple locations. This unique feature makes managing PT plans a dream come true instead of a nightmare.

Member Directory: NAPT Members have their laboratory locations and link to their website featured on the main NAPT web address,

As you see, there are many reasons for becoming a member of NAPT, and it’s easy to join from the NAPT website by clicking here. Become a member today!

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