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NCSLI and NAPT Team Up to Offer Shunt PT

NCSLI and NAPT have teamed up to offer NCSLI members an opportunity to participate in a jointly sponsored interlaboratory comparison (ILC). 

This ILC features a 100 Amp Shunt provided by Guildline Instruments. The 9230A-100 DC current shunt standard is a true 4-terminal device intended for the precise measurement of DC current.

This ILC package will have a minimum of 10 participating companies. Each participating company can add technicians to be included within the comparison.

NAPT and NCSLI hope to build on the success of this ILC and offer additional proficiency tests to the NCSLI membership in the future. We welcome feedback and suggestions for what ILCs you would like to see offered.

To learn more, or to register for this ILC, please visit the NCSLI website at this link.

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