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NAPT Introduces New Customer Portal

NAPT is pleased to announce the new customer portal. 

Built using the latest technology, our new customer portal is built for simplicity, speed and easy access.  And we are not stopping with this first update. 

Features Rolling Out Now 

These new features are part of our efforts to enable customer success: 

Responsive Design: Portal is designed for desktop and tablets! Automatically adjusts for tablet and computer screens so you have the best possible experience. 

Your Data; More Power: As a user of the portal, you now can update your contact information and account administrators can modify contact information for anyone assigned to their account.  Account administrators can now also reset passwords for any of their employees. 

Speed: Everything is faster.  Accessing reports, updating and submitting data, and navigating has never been faster. 

And more: Updated PT Plans, new forms, customer service tickets. 

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The Future Holds… 

NAPT is committed to make your ILC PT experience the best in class.  We are currently working on rolling out the following features to our NAPT Members. 

Corrective Actions: Manage corrective actions for your organization from our easy to use web tools. 

Audits: Are you still e-mailing copies of reports to everyone on your team to gather feedback.  Instead, use our proven tools to manage your entire audit process. 

Training: Do you know what training each of your employees has completed and what is due?  The NAPT Training module tracks all of those details for you. 

Intra Development: Need to conduct an ILC-PT Intra?  Use our tools to manage the scheme development, rounds and data submission. 

And this is just the beginning. 


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