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Learn What’s New with NAPT Accreditation Manager

Since it’s release slightly over a year ago, NAPT’s QMS Accreditation Manager has seen several updates to make management of your organization much easier.  Let’s look at the top 4 new features.

#1 – Pending Actions + Notifications + Followers

In addition to receiving an email when a new Pending Action is created, you will now be notified within QMS Accreditation Manager.  From this notification, you can directly open and act on your Pending Action.

Beyond notifications, you can now follow a pending action within your organization.  When you choose to follow a Pending Action, you will be notified of any changes that occur within that Pending Action by QMS Accreditation Manager.

These changes allow you to better follow and track your activities within your organization.


#2 – Updated Audit Manager

Our audit tools have been updated to better allow you to manage the audit process from start to finish.  Start your audit by going through the planning process, setting the scope and criteria for your audit, assigning auditors, scheduling the audit, and even choosing the standards, clauses, and questions that apply to your organization. You can now assign Corrective Actions directly from the Audit Manager and track them to completion. The audit summary report provides management with a concise overview of past and current audits where records are maintained securely within QMS Navigator.

#3 – Training

In addition to tracking your employees training activities, you can now create training goals to group several tasks together for long term employee goals.  When training is complete, you can now choose how the employee must validate their completion, including the ability to create an exam that is presented to the employee.


#4 – Service Providers

Use our new Service Providers module to track your suppliers and subcontractors.  In addition to keeping track of basic information, you can manage supplier evaluations, supplier performance, attach important documents, and track all critical information in a single place.


Check out all these new features by visiting our demo site by visiting and use the following information:

Account: demo | Username: | Password: demo

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