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Learn What’s New in the NAPT Customer Portal

The NAPT Customer Portal is designed to provide customers with all the tools they need to manage their proficiency tests and PT plans. NAPT is in the process of removing binders from ILC/PT kits and has made all documents available through the customer portal.

Visit the NAPT Customer Portal to enroll in a proficiency test or to sign up for an intralaboratory comparison. You can also download the General Instructions from the main page. Once your PT arrives onsite, you will have access to the Instruction Sheet, Data Reporting Sheet, Shipping/Receiving Form, and any additional information specific to that PT through the Customer Portal. Because NAPT is in the process of removing paperwork (binders) from the ILC/PT kits, any kit you receive may or may not have a binder included. Regardless, participants are encouraged to use documents on the Customer Portal to ensure they are accessing the most current documents.

We recommend all participants submit data through the Customer Portal to limit data entry errors. Once data is submitted and payment has been received, the portal allows participants access to their preliminary and final reports. And if you need access to previously completed proficiency tests, you will find these on the portal as well.

Can’t find the ILC/PT you need? The NAPT Customer Portal has a new feature that allows you to submit your “wish list” by clicking on the Needed Kits menu item on the left side of the home page. It will even keep track of what kits you’ve requested and the status of your request.

From enrollment to accessing final results, everything is at your fingertips. For additional help on how to use the Customer Portal, visit here.

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