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What happens if I do not put the NAPT kit in a protective outer box?

You will be invoiced for an administrative fee to address your shortcoming.  This may include damages that occur while in-transit.

I got my kit start notice but haven't received the kit yet. When will I get it?

In accordance with the start notification, you should receive the kit in approximately 2 weeks. If you don’t receive it after the 2 weeks, contact NAPT staff.

I signed up for a kit and haven't been given an approximate date to receive the kit. When will I be scheduled?

Upon your reply to the acceptance notice. If you have not received an acceptance notice for the kit please contact NAPT for assistance.

Do I have to wait 10 days before receiving a final report?

No, as long as the block is in a what is referred to as “Issue Final Reports” status, participants are welcome to waive the 10 day waiting period.

Why have I not received any kits yet?

There may be multiple reasons why you have not received a kit in the timeframe you expected. Please contact us and let’s ensure you are signed up for the kit you are waiting for and that you have responded to the acceptance notification email. It’s also possible other labs may have extended their participation time and NAPT staff has had to adjust the schedule based on unforeseen circumstances.

I received my preliminary report but I need my final report now – how can I get it?

Participants who are in good standing and enrolled in a block where a technical review has been performed may waive the 10-day grace period. Then the report will be available in your customer portal and you should receive an email from NAPT stating your final report is available in your customer portal.

Where do I send my data?

The preferred method is to submit data via your customer portal. If you wish, you can also email your data submittal to directly to a staff member, fax it to NAPT or send it via U.S. mail.

Can I retake a test?

Yes, if you require a retest, please contact to discuss your options for taking a retest.

Why hasn't my report been sent?

There are a number of possible reasons that a report hasn’t been issued. It’s possible the block is under technical review, the enrollment fees haven’t been paid, the data hasn’t been submitted, or the original submittal has issues and NAPT is waiting for a response. Please contact us and we’ll help you find out the status of your enrollment.

How many of my technicians can take part in the test?

For each enrollment, one set of data is standard; however, quite a few organizations submit data for each technician qualified to make that type of measurement. If you would like to add additional technicians, please contact NAPT. There is a small fee to add technicians to current enrollments.   

Can I hand-deliver the kit?

Yes. There is an option on the Shipping and Receiving form. Please mark the form accordingly and send the form back to NAPT. 

How do I submit my revised data?

All revised data can be submitted via your customer portal or directly to Please note that when submitting revised data, you must provide objective evidence supporting your request for change which must be approved before any submittal will be revised.

Why don’t I see the kits I signed up for in the Customer Portal?

If your kit is not in the customer portal, chances are it was not fully processed. Please contact NAPT to check the details for your request.

I tried signing up on your website, but I do not think it worked - can you help me?

Of course, please give us a call, NAPT staff is here to help. If you wish you can also fill out the online  form or send an email to us at

Why can’t I see my data on the Customer Portal?

There could be several reasons:  You didn’t send back your receiving form.  The enrollment fee hasn’t been paid. You aren’t looking in the right place - check under “review results”.  We may not have your correct email - check the NAPT customer portal.  Pending access to the customer portal is very dependent on having a valid working email address and password . Please contact NAPT staff and they will help you get into your customer portal.

What is the intra-laboratory PT process?

An intra is an in-house proficiency test (custom proficiency test for your location). The process includes filling out the NAPT request to develop an INTRA and submitting additional supporting documentation. NAPT will review your information, issue an invoice for the development, review and reporting.  NAPT will then create a unique intra based on your internal needs.  An instruction sheet (IS), Data Reporting Sheet (DRS) and other related documents will be sent to you for editing and approval.  After your organization acquires measurements, data submittals will be shared with staff, then processed per NAPT’s statistical procedures. Please note that a minimum of three data submissions are required.

I finished making measurements - where do I send the kit next?

Upon receipt of the data reporting sheet (your data submittal), NAPT staff will email the primary contact a ship-to notification indicating where the kit will be shipped to next.

How many days can I have the kit for?

All participants are allowed to have the kit on site for 3 days. If a participant needs additional time, they will need to contact NAPT staff and arrange ahead of time to avoid late fees.  Staff will try to accommodate special requests. If no prior arrangement is made, a late fee will be assessed.

I found damage to the kit - what is the protocol for reporting it?

Contact NAPT Staff ASAP with a phone call or an email to start the process. Our email address is  We will need details along with photos of the damage. NAPT staff will work with you on what happens next, whether it be sending the kit to one of our pivots labs or back to NAPT for additional evaluation, NAPT will assess the details and make a determination on how best to proceed.

I just signed up for a kit - how long before I receive the kit?

This varies depending on the kit you selected. On average, a participant will receive a kit within two to four weeks.  Members can request start dates and in extreme cases a kit can be scheduled to help a member meet a specific need. 

Can you forward my reports to my AB?

No, NAPT maintains confidentiality of reports at all times. Participants are responsible for sharing their PT results with their accrediting body.

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