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Why is NAPT nonprofit?

Simple answer: NAPT could not provide the services it does to the metrology community without it being nonprofit.  Only because of the numerous sponsors, the donation of the kits, the volunteering of the technical advisors that assist in the design of the schemes and the one-on-one help given to members are we successful.  All this could only happen in a nonprofit environment. In short, NAPT exists because of the metrology community supporting the services NAPT provides back to the metrology community.

Why should I use NAPT vs. other proficiency testing providers?

When you compare NAPT against other metrology PT providers, you will find there really is no comparison. Compare NAPT’s full time staff to other PT providers who conduct PTs as a side job.  Compare the ability to get technical advice from 50 plus metrology experts, quality of expertise, and the best customer portal of any PT provider. Further, your data submittal will be compared to 100 other like organizations. AT NAPT, we love to say to new participants “We Dare You to Compare NAPT vs them” and you too will see there is no comparison!

Why doesn’t NAPT have their Accrediting Body's symbol on their reports?

NAPT has participants who are accredited by all the accrediting bodies and because of that, NAPT has a long-standing policy that we do not advertise for any one accreditation body - we like them all.  Also, NAPT is accredited to ISO 17043 so all of NAPT reports are recognized and accepted by all accreditation bodies.

What are NAPT’s hours of operation?

NAPT staff is available from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Is NAPT accredited?

NAPT is an ISO/IEC 17043 accredited provider. NAPT Is the only proficiency test provider that can meet all of your needs via our offerings of proficiency tests. You can review our scope of accreditation on this site.

We are very proud of our accreditation, but we believe there is more to being a first-class proficiency testing provider than just being accredited.  Our level of service, number and variety of tests offered, and quality of value added proficiency tests are just a few examples of why NAPT is the clear choice when selecting a PT provider. We would ask you to compare the services that NAPT offers against other providers and after comparing everything we have to offer, you will see there really is no comparison.

What are the benefits of Membership?

Members receive:

  • ILC/PT Membership Discounts 
  • Automatic enrollment in NAPT’s Rewards Program to earn points towards free ILC/PT participations
  • Access to Technical Expertise of our Technical Director & technical expertise of NAPT's vast cadre of Technical Advisors
  • Listing on NAPT’s Website with a link to your website
  • Annual Membership Certificates showing your support of NAPT

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