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I need to pay for my enrollment fees with a credit card - who should I contact?

Please call the main number, (952) 303-6126 and you will be directed to the accounting person who will assist you with that transaction.

I have a purchase order - why can’t a report be issued?

A purchase order is not proof of payment.  It is NAPT policy not to issue any report unless enrollment fees have been received. NAPT accepts enrollment fees via credit card , electronic transfer or by a check issued to NAPT.

Can I pay for my enrollment fees on your website?

Currently, NAPT does not offer the capability to pay for enrollment fees via the website.  That option will be available soon. In the interim we ask that you contact NAPT directly and we will handle that transaction by phone.

I want to use a credit card to pay for my enrollment fees - how much is the convenience fee?

The convenience fee is a percentage based on the total cost of the invoice and varies by card.  Contact us to determine exact fees ahead of time. 

Can I pay using ACH?

Yes. NAPT accepts ACH transactions and EFT. Please call NAPT for a W9 to set us up in your accounting system.

Is the Membership fee annual or one time?

The membership fee is billed annually and covers a full calendar year.  Many benefits are included with a membership, See "What are the benefits of Membership?" 

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