New in the NAPT Customer Portal

The NAPT Customer Portal continues to expand and improve with new changes being added almost every week. This article highlights the new PT Plan module and the new INTRA module.

The new PT Plan allows anyone to create their own PT plan in as little as five minutes. Further, the plan can be modified and added to each year, so you’ll be ready when your assessor asks you for your four year plan. The new module allows for planning through 2029 and can be manually backfilled with PT information going back to 2015. See this link for step-by-step instructions for creating and maintaining your PT plan:

(Note that only individuals who log in with Admin Access or Quality Administrator within an account will be able to create or modify a PT Plan. Contact your supervisor or NAPT if you believe your access needs to be modified.)

The Customer Portal also provides access to the new INTRA Manager. With INTRA Manager, you no longer need to wait for help to create your own intralaboratory proficiency test, and the INTRA Wizard walks you through the entire process. Once you’ve logged into the Customer Portal and clicked on the INTRA tab, you’ll be able to see Intras that are Pending Development, In Process, and Completed. NAPT has developed a number of short articles and a video to help you get started:

As always, if you have questions about or suggestions for improving the NAPT Customer Portal, please contact us at

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