NAPT Management Review to be Held December 13-14, 2021

NAPT is soliciting feedback prior to holding its annual Management Review meeting. 

In addition to our Customer Surveys and daily interactions with our customers and partners, NAPT is seeking input from its members and other interested parties to improve its operation and organization. The management review agenda includes, but is not limited to the following topics: Company Goals & Objectives, Review of Policies and Procedures, Staffing, Audits, Client Feedback, Technical Advisor Feedback, Website, Database, QMS Navigator, Sales/Marketing, and Future Needs. Please feel free to email or call to provide comments or suggestions relating to these or any other topic of concern. 

If you wish to attend the meeting via Teams, you will need to notify NAPT by December 9, 2021.


Phone: 952-303-6126

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