NAPT is Celebrating its 25th Year of Providing Tools to the Metrology Community

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since NAPT offered its first kit to the metrology community. As one sits back and remembers all the hard work, all the help NAPT received from so many technical advisors, all the support from so many organizational sponsors, the time has gone by quickly.  And with all that work and support, NAPT has been able to provide hundreds of proficiency testing kits to the metrology community.  Over the last 25 years, NAPT has managed over ten thousand enrollments in the kits offered. 

Thanks to the support of the technical advisors, the pivot labs, and the sponsors, NAPT has become the largest proficiency testing provider to the metrology community.  The trust the metrology community has in NAPT is a detail that the entire staff are extremely proud of.  They work hard each and every day to provide a level of service that is second to none.

Over the last 25 years NAPT has gone from offering a single kit to over 100 currently available. The expansion of services includes an online Customer Portal which allows all participants to completely manage their proficiency testing enrollments, an online service where organizations can conduct their own proficiency tests via “The Intra Wizard", using the exact same award-winning tools that NAPT uses to manage their enrollments.  And now NAPT is excited to announce its latest tool for the metrology and testing community, an online application to manage any quality program, "The Accreditation Manager".  The Metrology and Test community have weighed in, and all agree this is the most complete, most cost effective, simplest to use management application they have ever experienced. 

As NAPT has said before, NAPT Dares you to Compare.   Once you compare all that NAPT offers you too will see there really is no comparison.  

Please join us, our members, our technical advisors, NAPT’s sponsors and all the participants in celebrating NAPT’s 25th Year of providing proficiency testing services to the Metrology Community. We look forward to the next 25 years.

To Learn More about NAPT, the kits it offers, the Accreditation Manager, or the Intra Wizard please give us a call or visit

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