NAPT 3458 Proficiency Test Participants Achieve Milestone

Congratulations to participants who achieved 95% agreement in a proficiency testing interlaboratory comparison!

When NAPT first started offering proficiency testing kits to the metrology community some 25 years ago, the average unsatisfactory for all participants was approximately 35 %.  Yes, I know measurements are supposed to be made at 95% confidence but that is a different discussion.  For the first time in 25 years, a proficiency test has been conducted where 95% of the measurements made by the participants were all in agreement with each other.  First time in twenty-five years! 

When the metrology community first started participating in proficiency testing, that is, really participating, it isn’t surprising that the rate for agreement was so low. Calculation of uncertainty of the measurement being made was new to many in the metrology community. Over time the metrology community obtained lots of education and training to get the estimated uncertainty associated with the measured value more in line with the actual uncertainty value.

Over the tens of thousands of ILC/PTs (enrollments) that NAPT has managed there have been quite a few kits where the targeted 95% confidence agreement number that was expected was very close, but we are extremely excited to share that we have our first 100% interlaboratory comparison distributed to numerous labs throughout North America where 95% of all participants’ results agree with each other.

The kit in question is the NAPT 3458, which offers organizations the ability to participate in AC/DC measurements. 

It needs to be pointed out that this was not an easy laboratory comparison where we would expect 95% of the participants’ results to be in agreement with each other, as the measurements are of a higher order and the associated uncertainty is much smaller. With over thirty organizations participating in making these high-end measurements, the expectation of agreement between them was less than the target of 95 %.

For all those organizations that participated in this interlaboratory comparison, congratulations on being part of the first interlaboratory comparison conducted by NAPT that had 95 % or greater agreement with all participants.

We look forward to the day when all interlaboratory comparisons achieve this same accomplishment, as the expectation is and should be all measurements will agree to an approximate 95% confidence factor.

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